Introducing telehealth from Kinney Drugs

Kinney Drugs has partnered with Bonum Health to provide a new insurance-free telehealth service and ScriptSave Rx discount program providing convenience and affordability for anyone, particularly under-insured or uninsured people, the ability to speak to a medical provider from anywhere.
What is telehealth?
Through telehealth services, consumers digitally connect face-to-face (via two-way video) with a certified health provider. Virtual visits work the same way as in-person office visits. If prescriptions and/or laboratory tests are needed, the provider has the same ability to prescribe them per their professional opinion based on the online consultation and any past medical history consumers provide.


What can I use telehealth for?

Bonum’s telehealth providers specialize in non-emergency diagnostic health services including (but not limited to):

EVERYDAY CARE: common cold/flu symptoms, allergies, fever, headaches/migraines, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, women’s health questions and general health questions

DERMATOLOGY: acne, rashes, extreme dry skin, psoriasis, burns, eczema, and general skin questions

MEN'S HEALTH: erectile dysfunction treatment, hair loss questions, urinary tract infections, and other general health questions

WOMEN'S HEALTH: birth control, urinary tract infections, and other general health questions

How much does it cost?

With the Kinney pharmacy code (KDBH1220), costs to consumers are as follows:


One-time individual telehealth visit: $45

Household membership (up to five telehealth visits per month are included):

$11/month or $132/year

Additional benefits include:


Prescriptions sent directly to our pharmacy with cost savings of up to 80%

One low monthly payment. No insurance required. No copays, additional fees, or surprise bills.


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