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As a local, employee-owned company, Kinney Drugs has been serving communities in New York for more than 110 years and Vermont for more than 50 years. Throughout that time, we have always taken great pride in both caring for our customers by offering the best in pharmacy and health care services, and in being a good neighbor by doing everything we can to support the communities we call home. 

Today, we're taking this sense of community to new places - more specifically, our shelves. Our Love Local program was created to bring hundreds of products from local growers and producers into Kinney Drugs stores. When customers Love Local products, it strengthens our regional economy, fosters community growth and sustainability, and encourages prosperity. 

By working with local businesses to connect them with new customers, Kinney Drugs is investing time and money into our community while helping other small businesses like ours continue to grow. To us, building relationships like these and taking pride in local people and products makes all the difference. 

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