Real Women. Real Beauty.

The word beauty can be defined in many ways, but true beauty defies definition. Beauty makes us look good, makes us feel better, and causes us to walk more confidently. Beauty is found on the inside, on the outside, in our smile and in our actions. More simply, beauty is happiness. Beauty is inner strength. Beauty is empowerment. At Kinney, we made the choice to create the Itty Bitty Beauty Committee as a way of empowering all women to achieve happiness by bringing to the outside, the beauty that lives within.

Why Choose Kinney Beauty?

Kinney Drugs is your local one-stop-shop for all things, including beauty! We carry everything from skincare, haircare, and cosmetics, to pampering items such as spa, face masks, and more! Kinney Beauty is committed to being your go-to for all things beauty from the classics to trending. Here at Kinney Drugs, we strive to bring products that make it easy to bring out your beauty every day.



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