As a local, employee-owned company, Kinney Drugs has been serving communities in New York State since 1903 and Vermont since 1970. Throughout that time, we have always tried to be a good neighbor by supporting the communities we call home. Today, we're taking this sense of community to new places - more specifically, to our shelves! Our LOVE LOCAL program was created to bring dozens of products from local growers and producers directly to Kinney's customers. When customers buy our local products, it strengthens our regional economy, fosters community growth and sustainability, and encourages prosperity. By connecting local producers to new customers, Kinney Drugs is hoping to help local businesses like ours continue to grow. To us, building relationships like these and taking pride in local people and products makes all the difference!  


Here are a handful of some of the locally produced brands we carry (not all products are carried in all stores):


Death Wish Coffee, Round Lake, NY

Hemstrought's Bakeries, Utica, NY

Nelson Farms, Cazenovia, NY

New Hope Mills, Auburn, NY

Parker's Maple, Canton, NY

Purinton Maple, Huntington, VT

River Rat Cheese, Clayton, NY

Saranac FX Matt Brewing, Utica, NY

Vermont Roots, Rutland, VT

Vermont Smoke & Cure, Hinesburg, VT


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